What To Do at Lawang Sewu

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Taking Pictures

It must be recognized that nowadays, taking pictures is one of the main activities carried out by tourists when visiting a destination. Similarly, if tourists visit Lawang Sewu, they can take pictures anywhere without worrying about the background that is less supportive because every corner of Lawang Sewu has its own beauty. In addition, Lawang Sewu is also often used for pre-wedding photographs by couples who are going to get married

Renting Dutch Costumes

One of the new attractions in Lawang Sewu is a Dutch costume rental named Kleine Nedierland. Tourists can rent these costumes for photo use. The cost needed to rent costumes is only around IDR 60.000. If tourists rent costumes, they also get the opportunity to be photographed 3 times by a photographer from Kleine Nedierland and immediately get the pictures so they can upload it to their social media. (Audrian F., 2020)


Watching a Documentary Video

There is a mini theater in Lawang Sewu that features a documentary video about activities in the old railway office in Lawang Sewu as well as railroad activities at several train stations in Semarang in the past. This documentary video can be watched for free in the mini theater that has been provided for tourists.

Learning The History of Indonesian Railways

In addition to enjoying the beauty of Lawang Sewu architecture, many tourists also visit to learn. It is not uncommon for Lawang Sewu to welcome groups of students on a study tour to Lawang Sewu. However, the history of Indonesian railways can not only be learned by groups of students, but all tourists. Even without a tour guide, tourists can learn by themselves because almost every item on display is given information or a brief explanation so that tourists can increase their knowledge. But if you want to find out more, you should take advantage of the services of a tour guide that provided by the manager of Lawang Sewu.